Great ambiance with fine dining experience

Warm delicious Indian recepies

Authentic Indian and Thai Cuisine. Tastes that you will cherish!

Indian & Thai Speciality

Restaurant SpiceGarden, located in the Affoltern suburb of Zurich, serves classic Indian and Thai cuisine. We use fresh seasonal Swiss products with special spice recipes to typical regional specialties of the different culinary regions in India. For every dish we prepare very special blend of spices. This gives the typical, unmistakable taste of every dish. Due to the wide range of many Indian spices and especially their harmonious compositions experience a stimulation of all senses of taste.

Our Menu

True to our name, our preparation comes from an exotic blend of rich Indian spices, mixed with high-quality Swiss ingredients. The food is prepared according to your taste by our experienced Chef who has decades of experience preparing savory meals. We provide a fine dining environment in a historic building dating back to 18th century. We invite you to discover the exotic cuisine of India and Thailand with warm hospitality in the heart of Zurich.